About Us

Our combined experience in business, property and real estate spans nearly 50 years. Our mission at Profit Share Housing (PSH) is to help YOU achieve your dream of home ownership by being with you every step of the way. Firstly, we look at your current financial situation, find out where you’d like to live and in what type of house and then, with you, and with the experience of our financial consultants (brokers), we formulate a strategy to get you from where you are today to the where you want to be in the future.


For some, this may be immediate. For others, it may take a period of time. With you, we set the goal and then together formulate a plan of action. Once qualified for finance you are ready to go. Once your Finance is sorted, and we know where you’d like to, and where you can afford to live, we direct you to a reputable Estate Agent or Land Sales Agent to help secure you a block of land to build your home.


The major challenge in building your first home, or any home for that matter, is selecting the right Builder. Any Builder can quote you a price to build with them. However, we all worry about the unexpected charges and hidden extras that could leave us with little or nothing left in the Bank. The Builders we choose to send our clients to quote you a FIXED PRICE. Our Builders build quality homes at a very competitive price.

NO unexpected charges, NO hidden fees – GUARANTEED!

Our goal, along with that of our Finance Brokers, Real Estate and Land Agents, and Builders is to have “Satisfied Clients”. Satisfied Clients bring repeat business. WIN/WIN!


If you can afford to pay rent, of about $320 per week, in most cases you can afford to buy*. With rising house prices, a high-cost of living, and a cut-throat housing market, it might seem nearly impossible to buy your very own home in 2017…At Profit Share Housing (PSH) our goal is to show you that if could be possible for you.

Yes! In just a few months from now you, could have a beautiful, quality home to call your own. No more paying off someone else’s mortgage and making them richer. Pay off your own home and benefit from its growth in value.


For some this could be immediate, for others we may need to work together on a “plan of action”. For us to be able to help you, we need to know everything about your current financial situation. We need to know…

  1. Your credit history – Good OR Bad
  2. Your current employment situation and employment history
  3. Your current combined household income
  4. Your willingness and ability to commit to owning your own home

If you are in a strong financial situation we are ready to get started. If not, we work with you to get you “financially fit”….we work with you on a “financial plan of action”.


We are proud to work with reputable, quality Builders who build some of the most affordable homes in Australia today. We work with Estate Agents and Land Sales agents all over Victoria who will help you find your ideal block of land.